Mindfulness in the kitchen at 5am

I was up at 4am this morning, so instead of heading straight to my prayer station I headed to the kitchen. I grabbed a couple of eggs, some oil + milk and starting mixing quietly. Chocolate chip muffins had a nice ring to it.

While they were in the oven, I thought about the last couple of days,

  • when I sat down to finish an article for a client and realised that I didn’t have my laptop. “Oh? That’s good,” said Howard, the owner of the new and entirely random spot I found my toes shoeless at. “My Guides gave me a big task this morning and I was just about to get started when you walked in. Maybe you’re not meant to be working today?” I knew he was right. Tucked behind the coffee shop was a wonderland! Books, potions, giant crystals and a labyrinth with the most magnificent purplish stones around the centrepiece. I hit a luck. Soon enough, I embraced the challenge. I walked the labyrinth and round by round, I emptied my heavy heart and busy mind. By the time I was done, I grabbed a cup of Ceremonial Cacao and thought Nowwwww I can write that article. Guess what the title was? Synchronicity. I swear you cant make this stuff up.

  • Next, I remembered the day my son’s school bag got left behind on the playground. I had to make a call between letting him wait it out for the night – which would have been my default – and giving him the “easy” solution. I chose the option I would have loved as a kid. So, I got my hubby into the car and took a drive to look for it. In doing that, I gifted my inner child a little hug and forgave my mother for all the little moments where I felt that she had let me down. Now that I am a mother, I know that we are all trying our very best with what we have. That night, I remembered a beautiful moment between my mom and I just before her passing. “Lee, you are an incredible mother. I am sorry I was not better.” I laughed, rolling my eyes and thinking of the hundreds of balls I drop every day. “Ma,” I replied in all sincerity, “You are the mother every kid wanted!” Full circle, I tell you.
Not bad for 5am huh?

And then it was time! The muffins came out the oven and they looked magnificent. As I put my nose to them, the face of the woman I recently had a heart-hug with came to mind. She was really rude to me in her coffee shop and I walked out, vowing never to return. Then, two days later while I was casually browsing some antiques 350km from where I live (in a pretty town called Clarens), I looked up and there she was. Her arms were wide open, ready to offer me a hug, an apology and an invite for coffee at her shop when we got back. Yup, we literally bumped into one another in another city at the exact moment both our hearts needed the lesson.

I reckon that moments like these are a form prayer/meditation too. Mindfulness in its highest form for which I am just so grateful.  


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