Have you stopped asking WHY?

As humans, we were born to ask WHY.

We were born to open things up, look inside and dig a little deeper. That’s how we learn and grow.

No wonder so many adults feel stuck and uninspired. We’ve stopped asking WHY.

I made the decision to change that and began to start asking WHY again some years back.

Photo by Ithalu Dominguez

Why is the sky pink, this morning? Ah, let me see how many shades of pink I can identify. Oh yes, now I want to know the names of clouds. Wow, so many! Yes, that bunch of clouds looks just like Candy Floss. Let me see if I can find someone to teach me to make some. But first let me write a little poem!

Just that one simple WHY can set off a chain reaction, presenting both an opportunity to learn (there are around 50 shades of pink according to Dr Google) and open my heart. The more I chose to tap into my sense of AWE about everything around me even on the darkest of days, the more I was presented with adventure-filled paths down which to go. And boy did I charge!

It’s my addiction now: Wandering this planet with a pocket full of WHYs and banking all the benefits.

Perhaps I could convince you to try it too?  My bet is that after just a couple of weeks, we will meet on the superhighway headed to all things CREATIVE, INSPIRED, FULL OF VITALITY & ENERGY.  

If you ever get stuck, go out into Nature. She always knows the way. Why, you ask? Well, aren’t we a fast learner!?

Grateful always,


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