Hey, I’m Lee

I’m a 5am meditator, an avid people watcher and, I do admit, I may own one too many dresses.

I started writing when I was 9. I wrote a story about a tiger and proudly handed it in to be graded. When it came back, the first thing I noticed was a big red line drawn across the front of the page. 

​According to my teacher, there was no way I could have written it.  She reckoned it was too good to be true.

That moment sparked something in me. There’s magic there, huh? I thought.

I now write for a living!

I write everything from complex marketing strategies for corporate clients to more fun things like funky Instagram content and wedding speeches for nervous grooms. (Hint hint, should you or anyone you know needs such a service? ). I am also an experienced developmental editor and ghostwriter, with so much love for the many writers that have come across my path over the years. I get so excited when something raw and unpolished lands in my Inbox and walks out my door all sparkly and professional.

My blogs are about my own little challenges and my book, Musings – Reflections of Gratitude (Hopscotch) is a collection of short stories along those lines. There is also a whole section on Gratitude.

Actually, pretty much all I do starts or ends with a bit of Gratitude.

It’s my vibe!


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  1. Thank You!! I always read your stories, but today is just so applicable to me!!
    Thank you again!!

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