Dear Hate Mail : Thank You

The first time I received hate mail, I cried.

I literally cried.

The thing is that I did not see it coming. It sort of blindsided me and caught me off guard. That’s what my tears were about, not the words on the anonymous email.

The basis of the mail was the age-old question: “Who do you think you are?”

That little piece of tear-inducing hate speech got me thinking. Who do I think I am? Really? You really want to know?


I am a strong woman.

A woman with a unique story.

A woman with a gift for storytelling.

A woman with an amazing tribe of woman in her corner.

A woman filled with passion for her craft.

A woman who is vulnerable and strong, struggling and celebrating.

You know? A normal woman on the path to seeking ways to shine her light BRIGHT!

The rest of the hate mail was bull. So, I will not bore you with the detail.

But, I will tell you this. Those tears brought relief but they also brought something else. They reminded me that my words are making an impact! I am not just writing a Dear Diary for my friends. My words are touching hearts and today I am grateful.

Aluta continua, as they say. The road is still long

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