A Note for my readers….

When people tell me that I “inspire” them, I cringe a little bit.

I get that my writing touches their hearts. That’s the idea. That’s what makes me want to share more of my heart. It’s therapy for me too.

The cringing I am talking about is when people look to me to put a positive spin on life’s crap.

I have to remind them that I am just a storyteller, not a magician! A storyteller with a less-than-perfect life and a much-less-than-perfect archive of experience.

Just like the rest of the world, I can only see the “positive” side of things AFTER I have gone through the crap. (And believe me, I have gone through some pretty rough crap).

Just like the rest of the world, I can only joke about betrayal, heart ache, love, lust, sensitivity, loneliness, inadequacy, conflict, embarrassment, humiliation, bad judgement, ego trips and vomit, AFTER I have emerged from the tunnel, scars and all.

And, if that’s what “inspires” my readers, then do be my guest. Sit down and listen a bit while I tell you some more stories….

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