The Sandwich That Saved My Life 

What makes YOU smile? Today I recalled a lovely Saturday morning memory. 
We always accompanied my dad on his Saturday morning errands. We hated the hot car and the long time we had to sit close together. My siblings and I hatedddddd sitting close together. 
The first stop was the bank. It would take ages.  The next one was the horse betting store. It took even longer. 
By the time we pulled our yellow car into the parking bay at our last stop, we were all moody, hot and thirsty. 
The oasis was a little cafe. 
The man knew my dad from when they were young boys. While they talked about a gangster called “Sharif Khan” and apartheid tearing families apart, the man made the most delicious Indian spiced steak sandwiches. The smell made me dreamy. 
We walked out of the store with 5 hot sandwiches, tangy and beautiful along with the thickest strawberry milkshakes.
Those sandwiches and those milkshakes saved our family from killing one another on the long drive home. It gave us reason to keep looking forward, to keep hoping. It gave us life. 
And now, I have the memories. 

Today, I am grateful. 

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