I Believe in White

I believe in white sheets, white light, a man in a white T shirt and the occasional white lie. I believe in salted caramel. I believe in shopping in Chinatown and Chai Lattes. I believe in rosary beads. I believe in collecting feathers. I believe in sitting quietly in holy spaces. I believe that park benches are holy spaces. I believe in the power of words. I believe in eyebrow threading. I believe in alternate nostril breathing. I believe in trying new diets. I believe pashminas and scarves, wraps and shawls. I believe in respecting faiths different to mine. I believe in challenging bigots, racists and other demons. I believe in ignoring drama queens. I believe in relegating cynics. I believe in kindred spirits on the tipple front. I believe that relationships can die and be reborn. I believe that modern churches are exploiting people. I believe in scouting for antiques. I believe in buying too many hair products. I believe that some people are addicted to moving their own cheese. I believe that right now, right here I am enough, have enough, give enough.

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