Think Before You Speak

We were talking about, pregnancy, babies, stretch marks and labour. Stories were flying thick and fast. I had lots to say!   In a moment of sheer excitement, I turned to the woman sitting next to me and said “Right?! Did you also suffer from morning sickness with your two?! Blahhh”   She laughed. I cringed. She laughed some more. I cringed some more.   … Continue reading Think Before You Speak

“Shock & Anxiety”

The hailstorm was horrible and my daughter was crying.   We had just dropped our new cleaning lady off 15 minutes earlier. I wondered if she was still standing in that terribly long line at the taxi spot. I would have loved to go back and collect her, but could not risk driving in the storm. So, I called her. There was no response.   … Continue reading “Shock & Anxiety”

Twenty Something & Crazy

I arrived at the office at 6am. I rehearsed my speech a few times.  First at my desk.  Then in his office. I was planning to do that a few times more before my boss arrived at 8am sharp. But, as life would have it, he arrived early.   He neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr arrived early. “Oh!  You’re early too?” he said. That’s when I had to make the decision.  I could either … Continue reading Twenty Something & Crazy