A magical Part II to the Kind Stranger Story

Dear Friends

I’ve had so many responses to my story about the stranger who paid our bill yesterday. Thank you! How did I get so lucky to know so many wonderful people? I’m thinking about HOW I can get you all involved in something meaningful that we could do together. Thank you. 

That’s not why I am writing though.

Something even more wonderful happened after I published my story yesterday. One of my friends wrote a post on my Facebook early this morning to tell me how much she loved the idea of “paying it forward”. Like so many of you, she was also inspired. So, off she went to breakfast. She was sitting there, planning to paint the world with kindness today. She contacted me again a couple of hours later. Guess what happened to her? SOMEONE PAID HER BILL! I kid you not. 

I am absolutely blown away by the power of our intention. I know the theory. I just need to see it in the flesh every now and then. 

Don’t we all? 



ORIGINAL POST FROM YESTERDAY FOR THOSE WHO DIDN’T SEE IT (plus a pic of the toastie you have been drooling over)

There are some really nasty people in this world. Trust me, I have had my fair share of them over recent months. From the word-twister to the gaslighter, from family members playing one against the other to the repeat cry-wolf types. 

But, damn there are some amazing human beings on this planet.And, again I didn’t really have to travel very far (not that I could) to find them. 

Just this morning, I was sitting with a friend having one of my most favourite meals : a piece of sourdough toast, slathered with a thick layer of hummus, topped with sliced avocado, grilled balsamic basted baby tomatoes, a couple of blocks of rich Danish feta, rocket and a poached egg. Yes, all on one piece of toast! 

If this be my last meal, make that a double portion of hummus, please! 

So, there I am, staring into my friend’s amazing emerald eyes (which seem to pop because of the absence of her hair which is tucked into her hijab) having a foodgasm when the waitress pops over to let us to knowsomeone paid our bill.  And, like every good superhero, they vanished without a trail. Can you imagine!?

My friend’s reaction was the one I want you to focus on though. She said “thank you. We’ll pay it forward!” 

I’m inspired guys! I’m inspired by what kindness can do. I’m inspired to give more and do more and be more. 

…and I think I am going to heed her call to action and pay it forward more than I usually do. With a full heart and grateful for all the moments that just land in my lap to remind me to focus on the things that matter. 

Will you join me?



Pruning Roses: Another Aha! Moment

A couple of Saturdays ago, I put on some jeans (shock horror!), exchanged my usual red lips for a more…umm…muted pinky/red and off I went to my ROSE PRUNING WORKSHOP at a local nursery. I guess I could have actually skipped the lipstick entirely, since we’d all be wearing masks, but hey…

July to mid-August is traditionally the time when pruning is done. The idea is to remove dead, old and diseased wood just at the end of Winter in order to promote new growth when the warmer months roll ’round.

The glove and Welly wearing Lisa spoke through her mask straight into my heart,

..and don’t forget. Cutting is only one part.

Once cut, the wound needs to be sealed

and the soil fed in order to provide the optimal environment for regrowth

Trust me, if you want healthier blooms, you have to do the work properly

That’s when I had the Aha!Moment that I did not bargain for, but which was entirely welcome. I reckoned a bit of pruning would have to become part of my life.

Out came the trusty notebook!

I shared my thoughts with Lisa over a cup of coffee during our coffee break. I saw her eyes lighting up as I spoke about the plan I had to incorporate the principles of 1. Cut 2. Seal 3. Nourish 4. Bloom into my own SELF CARE routine.

My cheeks flushed the same pink as my lipstick when during the workshop wrap up, Lisa told the whole group about our conversation. She added, “…and so, Lee will be back to teach her workshop here in the Spring”.

She emailed me this week to begin the planning.

So, it is! Fresh new ideas and oodles of new opportunities shall blossom in the Spring.

Can you smell that beautiful fragrance wafting through the air? Yeah, it’s called GRATITUDE and I have plenty of it.



For more info on pruning itself:

WikiHow https://www.wikihow.com/Prune-Shrub-Roses

Is THIS it? (A reflection on why the h#ck we are here)

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

Why do I feel like something is missing?

How can I be happy? 

Is THIS it?


Yes, I know it’s only Monday morning but surely you also ask yourself these very questions too. We all do!


And I bet you’ve dipped in and out of books, religion, dark incense clouded rooms and travel in a quest to closer to the “answers”. We all have!


But here’s the thing,


…We are all here at THIS very time in THIS very place TOGETHER and we are here for an EXPERIENCE.


The experience of goosebumps.

The experience of being warmed by fire.

The experience of learning.

The experience of synergy, alchemy, mystery, magic, “God”.

The experience of blooming, ageing.

The experience of vitality, abundance, creativity.

The experience of whispers and loud bangs.

The experience of chemistry and connection.

The experience of rain, pain and sunset.

The experience of recognition, resonance, mastery, reward, acknowledgement.

The experience of tasting a lemon.


…and even the experience of loss, illness, abandonment, tragedy, fear, resentment betrayal, loneliness and jealousy.


That’s the full package . 

That’s why we’re here.

And yes, to me at least, that’s IT. 


I figure that I may as well eassssssse into the EXPERIENCE, learn to ride the waves and flow with the current. You know? After all, none of us are getting out of here alive.


I reckon we may as well surrender to the journey….


Can YOU?


© A Heart Full of Stories, 2017