I had to dig DEEP this week

I had to dig deep this week. So bloody deep this week. For patience. For strength. For resources. …and it was my little people who held me with their warm apple pie, fresh out of the oven, as I put my feet up after having held a sacred space for friends who lost their mother and had to bury her within 24 hours, in keeping … Continue reading I had to dig DEEP this week

Some advice for kids…(of all ages).

Dear Kids Whilst no parent has all the answers and whilst this mama is constantly, still learning, know this for sure: You are never alone Travel is the best teacher “No” is a good word. Use it often. It’s particularly lovely when there’s a dead silence and you offer no explanations “Please” and “thank you” never goes out of fashion Water heals. Oceans. Tears. 2 litres a day You … Continue reading Some advice for kids…(of all ages).

The Little Things

How’s your week been, friends? I have so much to be grateful for. My children tried something new and their enthusiasm has been so inspiring! (Particularly my daughter, who has a love affair with her duvet). They’re been working out twice a week with a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) trainer. He has them doing squats, lunges, karate kicks and sprints. Just when I think they’ve … Continue reading The Little Things

Do What you LOVE & the rest will follow…

I want to tell you a quick story about my book, Musings – Reflections of Gratitude. When I wrote it, I thought I had accomplished my mission. I thought it would go into bookstores and I could sit my bottom down to rest and write again. But, life had other plans for me. For a good year and a half now, I have been signing … Continue reading Do What you LOVE & the rest will follow…