The Power of NOW

I remember this particular morning. I had barely slept because our new baby was was breastfeeding on demand, and well…that night his demand was every 10 minutes. 

I had gone out walking and my husband had come to find me. I saw him coming towards me with my little girl in her stroller and my son strapped tightly to his chest in a sling when he reached into his pocket and took this pic.

We were in a little village in Spain for a few weeks in August in 2013 (can’t believe that’s already 6/7years ago!).

At the time, my head was always in TOMORROW. I looked forward to better days to come. A better body, more sleep, more freedom, getting back to my career, giving my vision board a fresh wipe. I thought that I’d dive straight back into my old corporate life and it would be fabulous! 

But honestly, I never did go back to my old life. The universe had already changed my shit around to align things to my new vibration. 

The Power of NOW

Now is where LOVE breathes – Rumi

When I look at this pic now, I think: NOW! NOW, girl! THIS MOMENT. Not tomorrow. Not after Covid-19. Not when your kids are grown or when you feel ready.

NOW is the perfect moment.




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My True Love (A Tragedy)

I was wearing the world’s most comfortable onesie and I really did not want to change. We had a bond. A warm, assuring intimacy built on years of trust, closeness and chemistry.  And, as often happens with real love, dark forces try and creep in and threaten to tear you apart. 


In our case, it was coffee. There was no coffee! The dark force decided to strike on the coldest morning of the year.


So, I did what any self-respecting woman in love would do. I lifted my game, taking the risk and going in the direction of my destiny. Showing the dark force who’s boss, I put on a long coat, Jackie O glasses, a baseball cap and I headed out.


I was also wearing sneakers because I told our cleaner I was going to the gym. She side-eyed me. I knew it! We had to keep our love a secret. Nobody could find out. There would be consequences. People were talking. I could see it in her eyes.


As far as I was concerned, our secret was still pretty safe. Safe under the beautiful vintage cover of my granny’s tweed coat.


Still acting like Madonna, and just like the lovers who err every now and then and risk getting caught, I had a serious case of the guilty conscience. It hit me hard.


Hot, sweaty, high from adrenaline and feeling the full pressure from “society”, I decided to do the “right” thing.  It was painful but I had no choice but to break up with my onesie.


It wasn’t him, it was me. He didn’t deserve it.


It was either that, or my husband would get the text message telling him that our gym membership was about to be revoked because we had used it less than 3 times in one month. (Can you imagine our cleaner’s face then?)

053 (B&W)


…I still think about that onesie.

Especially during squats when I think I finally know what Adele meant when she said “sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead…” 

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