YOU are Enough

…The time surely comes

When you put yourself first

When you regain your God essence

When you count your blessings

When you honour your sadness

When you give yourself permission to try

When you name your pain

When you stop calling your passion a “hobby”

When you keep your word

When you kick someone out of your emotional bed

When you alienate nasty creatures

When you write thank you notes

When you take more risks

When you stop trusting losers

When you approach people you need

When you say no to darkness

When you yield appropriately

When you say beautiful words of gratitude instinctively

When you sleep for days

When you trust your internal red flags

When you disappoint another heart

When you run your race and let others run theirs

When you clear everything on your vision board and start again

When you no longer mind being called emotional

When you equate self respect with breathing

When you allow yourself to dream again

When you listen to a child

When you let yourself be touched

When you honour your calling

When you travel to places that call you

When you risk humiliation

When you press “reset” on your life

When you accept the shape of the parts you disguise

When you simply say “not today”

When you acknowledge those that guide you

When you start imitating yourself

When you draw a line in the sand

When you empower other people

When you forgive yourself

When you delight in the success of others

When you laugh loud

When you kiss your broken heart

When you are your own role model

When you emulate the speckles of light you see

When you tone down the noise

When you soothe your heart with music

When you dine alone

When you share your struggles

When you own your fears

When you unlearn your defences

…and on that day, may you know that YOU are enough YOU have always been enough YOU will always be enough End of story!

Aluta Continua, I say!  The road is long (for me)

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I want to mop! I want to mop!

I was having a shit day.

And, the floor needed to be mopped.

That’s when my 5 year old walked in.  “I want to mop! I want to mop”. Now, I didn’t want her help for two reasons:

  1. The 30 second mop job I planned to do was going to turn into an hour long circus act (yet again);
  2. I was having a shit day.

But, her cuteness and my mood had me handing over the bucket full of water and the mop.

That’s when I did something stupid.  I sat down to relax.

Next thing, I hear a loud bang!  My daughter had single handedly managed to tip the bucket over and flood the kitchen!

I ran up to her and shouted “Look what you have done!  I told you that this would happen”.

She looked sad.  Sad and scared. And disappointed.

My instinct was to take back what I had said to her.

My heart told me that I was allowed to have reacted the way I did.

While these two parts of me had a 1 minute battle, her little voice kept saying “I’m sorry Mama”.  She said it about 900 times.

I made the decision on the spot:  GO WITH YOUR HEART!

I picked her up, put a blanket around her and rocked her like a baby, while silently promising myself never to fall for her charms again.

Then, I forgave myself.  And mopped up that damn floor!