How a toddler schooled me in SURRENDER

I’ve been observing my son and his CTRL-ALT-DELETE siesta system shut-down for a few weeks now.


After a 3 block walk home from playschool at noon, he gobbles down a hot lunch and then stumbles straight up to a sunny spot where he crashes for 2 hours.


He never looks across at his PlayDoh, nor does he squeeze in a quick trip to the fridge before he allows his body to melt. He never turns on the TV in case he misses a scene of Paw Patrol nor does he apologise in advance for being unavailable for the next few hours.


The dude simply surrenders to what his body needs most and in doing so, allows all systems in his temple to reboot. Routinely, of course, but most beautifully all the same.


I must tell you, today I am so very thankful for the lesson in self-care.  The tutorial in surrender is something I need very much indeed….


And the GRATITUDE that floods my veins is most delicious!


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The FRONT of My Notebook

Last week I did something I have NEVER done before.  Yes, another first time.


I always have a notebook with me.


I use the notebook for work.  You see, my job requires lists.  And, I need to be able to cross off the items of that list.


Each day I do a new list.  The most important thing goes at the top.  Yes, a matter of priority.  It is a good habit.  A very useful tool to manage my workload.


Then, right at the back of my books, I write MY stuff.  Things like :

  • Manuscript
  • RSVP for Philosophy Lecture
  • Domain Name
  • Haircolour
  • Milk


But last week, I did something I have NEVER done before. Something that will change my life. Something my future self will definitely thank me for.

I started with the date.  Then I wrote this note:

2015-02-11 09.45.55


And, as it goes for me.  Now that it is WRITTEN, it must be.


From now onward, I will incorporate my own dreams, ideas, follow ups, to do list in the FRONT of the Moleskine.  Yes, a matter of priority.    I still have to work through my real workload before I can focus on my “personal” work, but at least I get to SEE the content every hour of the day.   It creates a certain harmony. That’s a step.


What is in the front of YOUR notebook? 


I wish you LOVE in whatever it is.