Pruning Roses: Another Aha! Moment

A couple of Saturdays ago, I put on some jeans (shock horror!), exchanged my usual red lips for a more…umm…muted pinky/red and off I went to my ROSE PRUNING WORKSHOP at a local nursery. I guess I could have actually skipped the lipstick entirely, since we’d all be wearing masks, but hey…

July to mid-August is traditionally the time when pruning is done. The idea is to remove dead, old and diseased wood just at the end of Winter in order to promote new growth when the warmer months roll ’round.

The glove and Welly wearing Lisa spoke through her mask straight into my heart,

..and don’t forget. Cutting is only one part.

Once cut, the wound needs to be sealed

and the soil fed in order to provide the optimal environment for regrowth

Trust me, if you want healthier blooms, you have to do the work properly

That’s when I had the Aha!Moment that I did not bargain for, but which was entirely welcome. I reckoned a bit of pruning would have to become part of my life.

Out came the trusty notebook!

I shared my thoughts with Lisa over a cup of coffee during our coffee break. I saw her eyes lighting up as I spoke about the plan I had to incorporate the principles of 1. Cut 2. Seal 3. Nourish 4. Bloom into my own SELF CARE routine.

My cheeks flushed the same pink as my lipstick when during the workshop wrap up, Lisa told the whole group about our conversation. She added, “…and so, Lee will be back to teach her workshop here in the Spring”.

She emailed me this week to begin the planning.

So, it is! Fresh new ideas and oodles of new opportunities shall blossom in the Spring.

Can you smell that beautiful fragrance wafting through the air? Yeah, it’s called GRATITUDE and I have plenty of it.



For more info on pruning itself: