“Crazy” is the new “free” (A short reflection on daring to be different)

I like “crazy” people,


You know the ones who sit down on the grass in a suit just because the spot is right and the grass is never going to be that particular shade of Jade again?


The ones who let their mascara run when a stranger’s baby takes their first steps?


The ones who eat bolognaise at breakfast and cereal at dinner?


The ones who simply say “not today”?


The ones who detox and retox in the same week?


The ones who leave all their curtains and windows open at midnight because it smells like rain?


The ones who collect shells, coins, feathers, and lavender even when it means their kids go Peter-from the-Bible on them?


The ones who have friends 40 years older, 30 years younger – some in places they can’t even pronounce?


The ones who have a silent melt down in the deli because they’ve run out of full fat double cream yoghurt?


The ones who simply say “not today”?


The grey ones who giggle in church, cry at sports matches and sing Spanish songs with all the wrong words?


The ones who dare to raise their hand and “object” when everyone around them is nodding?


The ones who wear clashing colours or their Wang wedding dress back to front simply because they prefer it that way?


I do love those people,

Because in a way 

we’re all dying to be “free”! 



© Aluta continua, as they say.  A Heart Full of Stories, 2017




I Believe in Khalil Gibran

I believe in Khalil Gibran

I believe in asking for favours

I believe that your little black book is your real value

I believe in Queen Rania

I believe in asking for introductions

I believe in cold calling

I believe in faking it until you make it

I believe in convertibles

I believe in Truffle Oil

I believe that “burn out” is more common than we realise

I believe in random acts of kindness

I believe in giving anonymously

I believe in cranberry juice

I believe in Persian carpets, essential oils and a good Hammam session

I believe in NDA’s, MOU’s and SLA’s

I believe in agreements based on handshakes

I believe in frequent hand washing

I believe in allowing kids to challenge the opinion of adults

I believe in discipline

I believe in allowing the eldest in the family the best seat at the table

I believe in the hashtag #sorrynotsorry

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