Casting Call: Wicked Witch/Wizard

You know the funny thing about the people who behave the worst?
They’re the same ones who would like history to portray them as Mother Teresa. 
For me, your ACTIONS tell me your story.  You are what you DO, not what you pretend to you priest/Imam/grandmother that you do. 
My take is as follows:
  1. If you want the story to portray you in a better light, YOU need to behave better
  2. Fancying yourself the good guy/girl, but doing horrible shit means that you will be cast as the witch. Not Angel Gabriel or Gabriella. The witch!
That’s it, kids. School’s out.  You can thank me later.
© A Heart Full of Stories, 2016
(Disclaimer: I found the picture of this old lady smoking online. I do not know who she is but sure would love to.  Whilst I try and find her, I do hereby declare that all copyright and the utmost respect is hers and hers only)