Not Part of The Deal! 

I take my children to the park to WATCH them play. So when I see another mother jumping, sliding, tumbling and screaming “weeeee” on the roundabout, I get annoyed.

Not because she’s got more energy than me. Not even because she’s getting the cardio workout I need much more than her. No, I get irritated because it gives my kids ideas. Stupid ideas.

So, there I am acting cool in my new trainers (that have never seen a treadmill), with my  Cosmo lying next to my smoothie when my daughter decides that they need an extra person to make the see-saw go down. That was NOT part of the park deal. 

I would never had been a play contender in the first place but the happy mother-from-Disney had planted that stupid seed. 
So, I reluctantly put my shades down, while Miss Disney flashed me a thumbs up. Just as I sat my bum down, and made everyone happy with the sheer force of gravity, I heard a man’s voice say “You stupid girl!” 

I thought he was referring to me and he would have been right, in a way. He continued, “Look at you! Crying like a bloody girl. THIS is why I don’t take you anywhere! You idiot!” 

My blood began to boil as I saw the tears streaming down the face of a 10 year old boy. 

I looked straight into the eyes of the woman on the see saw with me and said “I think I am going to kill that piece of crap of a man.”

She responded “You will have to beat me to it.”
Knowing that she had already kicked my ass in the Hot/Fun/Fit departments, I gladly stepped aside and let her proceed to gold. She walked straight up to the man.  My heroine! 

Without waiting to see the rest of the movie, I hurried to abruptly whisk my kids off to the car. As I drove off, I noticed the weirdest thing in my rear view mirror : Miss Disney and Mr Douche Bag getting into the same car!

I died.
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The Weird Old Lady with One Globe

She was 8 years old.

She checked her first pocket.  The grocery list was still there.  She checked her other pocket. The money was still there.  Then, she grabbed a trolley and set off.

She was beautiful!  Thick glasses, neatly plaited gold hair.

She bought lots of strange things. Well, they were strange to me.  A big apple tart, 7 avocados, dark chocolate, 2 bottles of mushroom sauce, a Cosmo and frozen berries.

I followed her around the store.  I know!  Creepy, right?  But look, I had shopping to do too.

We got to the till to pay.

She went first.

Until then, she seemed so in control!  I was thinking “surely, this child is our future president!”

She battled to unload the groceries from her trolley.  Some of the things were quite heavy.

The teller was going fast.

The pressure to get the stupid things on to the conveyor belt was mounting.

She was beginning to hurry.

And, she was beginning to make mistakes.

There was a woman between her and I. Some rude tart that squeezed in while I looked away for a minute.  She was getting agitated.

The 8 year old said “I forgot something!  I’ll be back” and ran back into the shop.  She came back 3 seconds later with a toothbrush.  The teller was calm and patient.

Then, just as the girl relaxed again, she realised something else.  She had to pack her own groceries.  Fast!  So, she rushed to the front of the counter and started packing her heart out!  Faster and faster!  She got halfway when she realised something else.  She only had one of her shopping bags.  She had lost the other. 

So, back she went into the store to look for it.  She came back 3 seconds later.  She could not find her bag.  So, she made a decision.  She packed everything into one bag.

She was nearly over the finish line.

She paid for her shopping.

Then, she walked to the door.

The bag was about to break. It was getting dark.  I watched her trying to make a decision.

So, I walked up to her and said “Go find your lost bag. I will wait with your shopping”

She had to make another decision.

And she did. She chose to trust me. 

She ran back into the store and returned 3 seconds later.  She found her lost bag!

She bent down, packed half her stuff into the second bag and had the biggest smile on her face.

Mission accomplished!

It was dark when we left the store.  My heart was breaking for her.  8 years old?  All that stress?  Poor little thing!  I was projecting all MY feelings on to her. She was fine!  Absolutely fine.

That’s when I had to make a decision. 

Don't do it

I wanted to run up to her and tell her that she was brave, amazing, wise beyond her years. I also wanted to tell her that she should watch out for bad guys and that her parents should really NOT be putting all that pressure on an 8 year old.  I wanted her to know that she impressed me so much and that my heart would always remember her.  I wanted to thank her for that beautiful story that I watched unfolding. 

But, I decided.  I knew that she would probably feel scared and freak out and tell her mom about some crazy woman in Adidas sweats with one globe in her hand after “shopping” for 20 minutes!

So, I decided to let her go.