Lord, bless our weekend (AGAIN)

Yay! It’s the weekend

2015-02-09 12.09.02

Here’s a thought :  What are the things that YOU do again and again?  Are they good things?  Do they make your heart smile?  How about the things you wish for again and again? Things that make you sad or mad again and again? Is there a theme there?

While you digest that over a glass or six of Chardonnay, allow me to wish you:

A mirror that reflects back to you God’s image again and again

A lover that notices your new hair colour again and again

A teacher that corrects you gently again and again

A dream that is blindingly colourful and crops up again and again

A friend that allows you to digress again and again

A stranger that reminds you how funny you are again and again

A career that showcases your unique talents again and again

A family that makes you feel secure again and again

A heart that trusts its own direction again and again


This morning something strange happened. Again.


I am sitting at my table at 5am. Ginger tea in hand.  I am about to start writing my morning gratitude down when my phone pings. A reminder!


Now, I know I don’t have anything in my diary for today.  I planned it that way because I have to work all day.  So, I pick up the phone and things get stranger.


There’s a reminder and it looks weird. From Google calendar. I never use Google calendar. Spam! That’s my first thought.  Spam or a 419 scam.


The flashing thing on my screen says:

“People are sending me thank you notes. What people do with my writing is their business. My business is just to write. My heart demands it. There are times when I think. Me? What do I have to say that has not been said before? What if it doesn’t make sense? What if it doesn’t touch anyone’s heart? That’s when my heart sets the record straight”


It took me a few minutes to see the light.  To figure it out. I wrote that note!

I was walking past some graffiti that said AGAIN. I stopped and typed that note on my phone. I had been thinking about two lovely messages I received after my first published posts last week.  It was a random thought. But, I had written it down because it was burning.  I knew that I would need to unpack it.  To think about it.  To process it.  Then, write about it. Again.

2015-02-09 12.09.02

So here I am.  Telling you about my gratitude again.  My fears again.  My heart again.  My insecurities again.

And once again I say to you, Aluta Continua friends!  The road is long (for me)