Gratitude Attitude

My love affair with Gratitude goes back many years.

I started small. I wrote down just one thing I was grateful for each day.  The next day another. The next day some more.  Before I knew it, I had plenty to write!  

Using GRATITUDE, I was able to change my focus and to shift gears.  The goal was to change my vibration in order to help me to attract better situations, people and things into my life.  

I noticed that the more I focused on the things in my life I was grateful for, the more there was to be grateful for.  

Years later, when I began to put together some intentions for my new business, I focussed on the things that bring me JOY and incorporating GRATITUDE into my speaking, writing and coaching offerings made me light up!


I offer a range of workshops and retreats for corporates and groups including:

  • How to Cultivate a Gratitude Attitude
  • Gratitude for Kids
  • The Power of Alignment
  • Self Care for Busy Bodies 
  • Following YOUR Joy

I’m so grateful to have this Attitude of Gratitude! Lee Mayimele 

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