Random THANK YOU notes are so cool

I met someone recently who thanked me for something I did for her 20 years ago.

To be quite honest, I did not recall the detail or that act of apparent kindness at all. She tells me that it came at a time when she desperately needed a mother and that young-me stepped up.

I must say, our exchanges back then never did feel like “rescue” or “help” to me. In fact, I was the one who felt good. I was the one who felt useful.

And now that I know what I do about psychology, I was probably the one who felt high from the endorphins that make us drunk with purpose.

Her story gave me an idea! I wanted to write some random “THANK YOU” notes of my own. So, I did. I had quite a few to write, because there are so many people who have touched me over the years. 

With that, I became part of a dynamic ball of energy that keeps the magical vibration of GRATITUDE in motion and boy-oh-boy did it feel good.


1 Think of a few people you can thank.

2 Write them a note. Handwritten ones are sooooo charming.

3 Send them off.

4 Watch the magic happen.

I can tell you without a doubt that the wise ones were right: It is indeed GIVING that we RECEIVE.



P.S. Thank you for reading my blogs, buying my books, booking me for all your writing needs. I never take your support for granted.

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