Hurt People Hurt People

Read that headline again.

Hurt people hurt people. That’s right. I also did a double take the first time I read it.

I understand the statement to mean that when someone does something hurtful or bad to me, that they are really coming from a place of hurt themselves. The same goes for ME! How many times have I caused someone pain because I was not in a good space?

Now yes, I do realise that it is Friday, and this is quite a heavy thing to be bringing up on a Friday afternoon but I wanted to share something with you. Something that has helped me. And I think it could help you too.

I want to challenge you to look closely at your actions this weekend.

Look at the way your words and actions impact those around you and ask yourself “Is that how I would like to be treated?”

I’ve been doing this every Friday for 1 year now. I kid you not. I have been sitting down with my journal and looking at every interaction I have had in that week and evaluated if there is anyone who I need to have a heart to heart with, anyone I need to ask for forgiveness. It’s a Friday ritual that is a part of my life now and has served me so well.

It sets the tone for my weekend. I walk into the weekend with a sense of peace, a clear conscience and let me tell you another thing, my glass of wine tastes 10000 times more yummy once I release that energy from my aura.

Perhaps I can interest YOU in trying it? Let me know how you go.

It’s hard. But, it truly is liberating.

Ching Ching,


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