Listen to your Mom

I know this sounds cliche, but I always knew I would end up being a writer. 

No, really. 

I must have been about 9 years old, when that spark first flickered. I wrote a poem about a Tiger and proudly handed in to be graded. To my horror, the teacher (an unusually tall woman with hairy legs) put a big red line through the poem, citing copying. Of course I was devastated, but my mom said something powerful to me

“Lee, think about it. Just think about it. You must be good?” 

Moms do know best, don’t they? I am so glad that I listened. 

I have never really stopped writing and now work in PR & Comms, running my own company Equilibrium Maverick . I have written many publications, poetry collections and am a freelancing content writer + ghostwriter too but by far my biggest and proudest moment as a writer was writing my first book, “Musings – Reflections of Gratitude” (Hopscotch). 

I guess I have both my mom and Mrs hairy legs to thank for that. 

I wanted to share this little story with you for two reasons:

1. To remind you that YOU have a purpose and unique gifts that this world needs;

2. To tell you that if I can do shit (like write a book and create new things), so can YOU.



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