Thank YOU

The first lot of my books went out to press etc this week and it has been well received.

We’re planning a book launch for sometime in Feb and I will keep you posted. The book should be in stores soon thereafter.

For now, please know that I am so very touched by your love and kind words. And my heart is very very full.

So, thank YOU

For reading

For telling me that you relate

And for coming on this journey with me!

Grateful Always,


How do you find YOUR purpose? It really isn’t rocket science


Writing comes easy to me. I started writing when I was 9.  

I wrote a poem about a Tiger.  I got 0/10. Yes, zero!  I had never gotten zero before.

The teacher cited “copying”.  She decided that my poem was so damn good, that I could only have copied it.

That moment changed my life. Because instead of causing me to shrink in shame and embarassment, it lit a fire inside of me. “There’s something there huh?” I thought, “a kind of Magic?”

So began my journey of doing what I love to do.

I knew there was passion.

I simply followed that passion.

And just like in the movies, my passion led me to my purpose: to write to inspire! 

YOU can do that too. No jokes.  Simply go with what you love to do. The rest will sure as hell follow.

No need to thank ME. It’s the law of the universe.


Grateful Always,

Lee Mayimele



Guess who is finally a PUBLISHED AUTHOR?

CRACK OPEN THE CHAMPAGNE. I have some good news to share!

I got to touch and feel and love and play with MY books today.  Yip, they are done.  

I grabbed a batch from the publisher today.  The rest were being packed into boxes and they’ll end up in bookstores and libraries and other weird and wonderful places.

I’ll be in touch regarding where you can get them. Those wheels turn slowly.

For now, please accept my gratitude. For reading my words, for telling me that you relate and most importantly, for indulging me while I tell you all about my dreams.



Gratitude Book Cover_Final_with spine_3.jpg


P.S. I’m going to knocking on the doors of all my marketing manager friends in the coming days. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This book is going to make a great corporate gift.