🌈Remember my desire to write a book? 🌈Remember how I started out with a bang? 🌈Remember how I would talk about nothing else?

Well, I never did share with you that right in the middle of that wave of high, I lost my mom and life smacked me hard.

My decision to hold off all my book publishing plans in order to hibernate and fully mourn my mom’s passing was a good one because I now feel balanced again, energized again, ready to focus on my dreams again and ready to bombard YOU with my passions again!

So, thank you for coming on this journey with me. Thank you for reading my stories. Thank you for giving me your feedback. Thank you for stopping me in the middle of the frozen veggie section to say “you know, your story about fear helped me so much”. That stuff melts my heart. And gosh, I can’t tell you how often it happens. You should ask my poor husband…

You know what else? I plan share my book cover design with YOU in a day or two. How exciting? Crap just got real and I am filled with so much GRATITUDE

~ Lee Mayimele

A Monday “Accident”

After a rush to get the kids off to school, I grabbed my diary off my bookshelf and rushed out of the front door in my white Converse.


I sat down at my corner spot at my local coffee shop, pulled out my notebook and turned to November.  Damn! Wrong notebook. Many years old.


I flipped through it and I looked at the words. 


List after list

Chest pains

Deadline after deadline 




More words

More deadlines

More stress


I recalled it all. 


I must tell you though, the coolest feeling in the entire world was as I realised that all that was in the past. 


…and that the crap we stress about today, will also just be old words and old memories in scruffy notebooks one day too. 


Shucks, that’s a lovely feeling! Don’t you think?




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