I Believe (A short Sunday reflection)

I believe in coffee

I believe in the smell of books and the smell from the top of a baby’s head

I believe that loneliness is a disease

I believe in the curves of my body, the rhythm of the ancient women in my DNA

I believe in calling out bullshit in our own families

I believe in celebrating the success of others

I believe in Hummus

I believe that jealousy only happens when we count other people’s blessings instead of our own

I believe in having a dress for every kind of day

I believe in fresh flowers, fresh white sheets and fresh new entrants to vacant spots in my life

I believe in giving compliments

I believe in challenging prejudice, bigotry and fake news, even when my voice shakes

I believe in my intuition

I believe in Jasmine

I believe that blessings meant for YOU in this life will never pass you by ~ Lee Mayimele

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