A Long Life (A short reflection in Gratitude)

When a Jewish person passes away, it is customary for people to wish the bereaved loved ones “A long life”. I have always thought this to be a gesture most beautiful.

And knowing how fragile life is and how we all face Death’s grip (whether you have just lost a loved one or are still grieving 40 years later), I know your heart is open to allow me to wish you A LONG LIFE.

Aluta continua, as they say. May you live lightly knowing that today, this very day (messy as it is) is a GIFT. A thought which I often take for granted, but not today. Today, I am grateful for another day to cook, moan, plan, dream, write, play, cry, hurt, melt, feel and to tell my loved ones that I am grateful. Always grateful for their love.

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