When is the right time to JUMP? (A short reflection on FAITH)

How do we accept when things come to an end?


How do we know when to walk away?

How the heck do we throw in the towel? Burn that damn bridge?

How do we even begin to surrender to the flame of change when the fire is getting bigger and bigger, hotter and scarier while we stand frozen?


I couldn’t answer that for a million bucks.  But, I will tell you this for free: 

None of us know for sure when/if to JUMP.  Not Oprah, not Pope Benedict and certainly not the world’s “best” clairvoyant (no matter the “waiting period” she prides herself on).

BUT, there does come a point when we have to JUMP and know for sure that our wings will carry us all the way down.


I’m dreaming of that kind of kick-ass FAITH this week.


It’s a work in progress for me but I sure hope that your courage carries you where your heart is daring you to go…


© Aluta continua, as they say.  A Heart Full of Stories, 2017

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