The Call to Rip off the Band-Aid

Hardly 24 hours after my mother died, someone walked up to me with the soul (yes soul) purpose of telling me that they were “angry” with me.


They felt further entitled to pour out the details, as though I had any capacity whosoever to indulge such a “sharing” at that particular moment in my life.


The more I reflected on that emotional ambush in the days after the funeral, the more I tried to empathise, the more I tried to see it from their perspective, the more I rationalised that death brings “complex emotions”, I realised that I was asking the impossible of myself.


I had to STOP! stop


My job was to grieve.

To honour my own tears.

To sit with my own pain.

To validate my own loss.


Instead, I was diverted to a lower spectrum of emotions that sought to distract me. 


And, I indulged them. Sadly. 


Now that all that is in the past, my heart wants to go back there again. To that very point in my life.


The voice is gently asking me to lift off the Band-Aid I smacked on the emotional wound and to face what’s been festering there. 


And, again I will indulge. Gladly this time. 


You see, for me there is real therapy in dissecting the pieces, relooking the complexities with a view to disinfecting the wound in order to clear the inflammation.


I know, right? Whooooo volunteers to reopen their own wounds?


I do. And, I wish you the courage to do the same.


Rip off the Band-Aid! Sure it will hurt for one sick second, but once that initial rip is over, you’re on your way! Then, look at the wound, see it in all its gory complexity and then plot an enlightened way forward.


Hey, real healing is a great prospect and it may be just on the other side of your fear.


© A Heart Full of Stories, 2016


Aluta continua, as they say. This road is indeed still long…. (for me) but gosh am I ready!





Have You Ever? (Version II)

Have you ever been lost?

Were you lost in the forest of someone else’s shadow or perhaps lost in the company of familiar people dancing to a beat you could no longer hear?


Have you ever traveled alone?

Did you have a partner with you who was not there in spirit? Did the vibrations of civilisations past call out your name and send you home changed but on fire?


Have you ever received a gift?

A blessing out of the blue for which no amount of gratitude would be appropriate?


Have you ever felt like you’ve been kicked in the gut?

How did the breaking of your heart sound? Did it grind, wring and burn corners of your chest that you had long forgotten?


Have you ever felt satisfied?

Was it as though everything was finally falling into place or was it perhaps just the knowing that you are God?


Have you ever been betrayed?

Did you stand in the doorway of broken trust and bleed as the shattered pieces of glass cut you as they fell?


Have you ever danced? Really danced?

Did the primal impulse to sway create waves of sexual energy that made you high?


Have you ever participated in a witch hunt? 


Were you on a warpath in pursuit of mob justice or were you the wide eyed attackee, bewildered by the “charges” and drawn into the fight kicking and screaming?



Have you ever sold out?


Did your team mates see it coming? How did your conscience deal with the conflict afterwards?



Have you ever eaten through your heart?

Was it your granny’s roast potatoes that transported the seratonin throughout your body or was it a hot curry shared with a hot body on a cold day that stained your arteries with bliss?


Have you ever been touched?

Whether by the 80 year old hand of a stranger, rough with callouses but warm with unspoken stories about abuse, slavery, loved ones that have never returned? Or, was it simply a simple line from a simple song that charged your soul’s batteries and flooded your bones with warmth?



Have you ever blessed someone with prayer?

Did your heart send vibrations across tall walls and rough seas; intercessions seasoned with grand visualisations of success, prosperity, abundance to people who you dreamed great dreams for?


Have you ever had a brush with God?

Did it happen when you were at the top of a beautiful mountain or did it happen when you came face to face with a hijacker?


Have you ever been an addict?

Did your drug of choice soothe you, own you, control you and lift you all at once? Did your alliance seem unbreakable?


Have you ever received a compliment?

A genuine string of words about who you are, not what you can give? Did it remind you of the value you create, the impact you have, the light that only you bring?


Have you ever been seduced?

Did it help you to escape your bad reality only later to return you changed and unsure of the way forward?


Have you ever wanted a glimpse of your future?

Did you follow that need to seek guidance from soothsayers, Tarot cards, and horoscopes perhaps? Anything that promised the slightest secret fast forward to a life more grand?


I bet you have! And, guess what? So have many spirits before you, many souls yet to come. These shared experiences give us the assurance that we are part of the same journey and that the “answers” we seek already exist. 


These experiences should also remind you that YOUR unique set of experiences, YOUR unique choices, YOUR bespoke combo of emotions is what makes YOUR story a story that deserves its own page in the great book of life.


May you learn to appreciate that. There is no story without YOU.


Believe it!


© A Heart Full of Stories, 2016

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Aluta continua, as they say. Our journey together continues….