Thoughts on GRIEF

We all grieve differently. Some people lose their hearts, others lose their minds and in the process, the moment to be centered in mourning drifts away.

It goes so fast. That small window between passing away and closing the door on funeral day.

It is gone in a moment.

And, then in the darkness of the days that follow, the heart’s wound remains wide open.
Exposed. Tender. Painful. Prone to infection.

Acknowledgement of the wound is hard. It forces one to look inward again, and inward is not pretty. Inward is where old wounds have merged with new ones, distorting the signals, muddying the pain waters, making it almost impossible to get a clear reading. Inward is also where opportunitic infections rooted in other people’s issues have found a space to rest temporarily.

That is where I am, friends. Looking inward and plotting a way forward.

I urge you to spend time in reflection too. Name that bloody wound. It’s the first step. Go on….
(Photo credit : To be confirmed)

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