Pleae don’t take it so personal!

A gentle little boy came over to our house to play.  My kids were delighted!


It was a beautiful hot summer’s day in Johannesburg and a thunderstorm was brewing.


My daughter took her favourite cookie, and came into the kitchen to cut it up. She wanted to share it with her friend. Something she refused to do for her brother. Ever.


While my daughter was busy with the cookie, the boy announced that he wanted to go home. My daughter was devastated. She was just getting started. What about the cookie?


After he left, she started crying “Mama, he doesn’t like me! He doesn’t like meeeee!”


It turns out that the boy was scared of thunder. He wanted his mom a bit more than he wanted my girl. Or the cookie!


I understood.

My girl did not.


She took it personally.

I understood that too.



….and that got me thinking:  Isn’t that just life huh?  Isn’t that just how the cookie, crumbles?  Very often, we take things personally when really, the shit going down has everything to do with the other person and little to nothing to do with us.



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