The Power of Prayer

I was sitting in a quiet spot, working on my laptop. Next to me sat a group of preppy, old women drinking Earl Grey tea.


They were doing a bible study, or something like that.


I wanted to move seats but thought, gosh maybe these old broads could throw me a bible verse or two that would end up changing my life.


Well, that did not happen.


Instead, they reminded me how terrible, racist people hide behind religion. They reminded me exactly how bigotry flourishes and how ignorance breeds hatred.


They ended off their moaning session with a prayer. I took the cue.


“Excuse me”, I said. “Would you mind if I joined in? I feel a prayer in my heart.” 


Of course they let me. What choice did they have, really?


I jumped straight in:

“Lord, bless our prejudiced hearts, free us from all mental slavery and superiority complexes, inspire us to see that ALL people are made in your EXACT image and that by loving them, we demonstrate our love for you. Amen”


Their “Amen’s” followed by smiles told me that they did NOT get my drift.


I didn’t care.


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