My Ego & The Manners Police

I barged into a restaurant door. The first person I saw was a waitress. I said “Excuse me, where is the singer standing?”

He was belting out one of my daughter’s favourite songs, drawing us in like the Pied Piper. 

He was nearing the end of the song. I wanted to see my girl’s face when he got to her favourite part.

The waitress just looked at me. Hard. In the eyes.

I said “Umm, Where? Where is the singer standing?” 

The waitress said “Hello.”

I was thick, so I said again, “Umm, where is he standing?” (There was 30 seconds left of the song)

The waitress maintained “I said hello.”

She was making a point. A valid point about my manners.

My ego told me to ignore her.

I complied. 

© A Heart Full of Stories, 2015

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