Not Part of The Deal! 

I take my children to the park to WATCH them play. So when I see another mother jumping, sliding, tumbling and screaming “weeeee” on the roundabout, I get annoyed.

Not because she’s got more energy than me. Not even because she’s getting the cardio workout I need much more than her. No, I get irritated because it gives my kids ideas. Stupid ideas.

So, there I am acting cool in my new trainers (that have never seen a treadmill), with my  Cosmo lying next to my smoothie when my daughter decides that they need an extra person to make the see-saw go down. That was NOT part of the park deal. 

I would never had been a play contender in the first place but the happy mother-from-Disney had planted that stupid seed. 
So, I reluctantly put my shades down, while Miss Disney flashed me a thumbs up. Just as I sat my bum down, and made everyone happy with the sheer force of gravity, I heard a man’s voice say “You stupid girl!” 

I thought he was referring to me and he would have been right, in a way. He continued, “Look at you! Crying like a bloody girl. THIS is why I don’t take you anywhere! You idiot!” 

My blood began to boil as I saw the tears streaming down the face of a 10 year old boy. 

I looked straight into the eyes of the woman on the see saw with me and said “I think I am going to kill that piece of crap of a man.”

She responded “You will have to beat me to it.”
Knowing that she had already kicked my ass in the Hot/Fun/Fit departments, I gladly stepped aside and let her proceed to gold. She walked straight up to the man.  My heroine! 

Without waiting to see the rest of the movie, I hurried to abruptly whisk my kids off to the car. As I drove off, I noticed the weirdest thing in my rear view mirror : Miss Disney and Mr Douche Bag getting into the same car!

I died.
© A Heart Full of Stories, 2015.

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