How do you know if you can TRUST someone?

My friend asked me,  “So, how do you know if you can trust someone?” and I replied “Well, if you have to ask IF you can trust them, then you already know the answer.  You can’t”.

It was New Years Eve and we were heading to a big party.  She was talking about her boyfriend. I was talking about my philosophy.

I believed it 100%.  For me, trust is absolute.  There is no room for a single doubt. And, in the instances where there was a teeeeeny bit of a doubt in my head, my heart has almost always stepped in and red flagged things for me.

The thing is, I don’t always listen to my heart.

So, I walked into the hairdresser and she looked dodgy.  She looked grumpy, hung over and barely greeted me.  I saw the client who was leaving and thought to myself “Shit, am I about to trust that tart with my hair? That woman’s hair looks fried!” 

It was a trendy hairdresser.  Trendy and bloody expensive.

I went ahead and trusted the “professional”.  My heart could wait.

I heard a timer go off. I stuck my hand up!  She took one look at me and said “Trust me, darling, I don’t need you to help me do my job”.

We both laughed. It was not funny.

My scalp started burning.  I didn’t want to stick my hand up again but I had to! That, or I would have wet my undies.

She walked over and said to the lady who was her assistant “Please wash!” and she rolled her eyes.  As the lady washed my hair, she was making sounds.  Not good sounds.

My hair had melted.  The chunks in the basin felt like spaghetti.  Mushy and white.

When my friend came to collect me, she was in tears. She barely noticed my hair.

She said “Whyyyyy don’t we learn?”

I replied “Yes! Whyyyyy do we trust people when everything in our bodies screams DO NOTTTTTT”. 

She was talking about her boyfriend.  I was talking about the hairdresser.

And, we agreed.  Once you have to ask IF you can trust the person, you bloody-well know that you can not and you should not.  (Or you will end up single on new years eve or with hair that looks like the inside of a donkey’s intestines!)

Aluta Continua, as they say hey? The road is long (for me). Hopefully, I will listen to my own advice one day.

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