If the shoe fits

I was in a big rush!  My daughter needed to wee. Immediately!

We were rushing to our front door when I noticed the lady with 4 kids all under 10.  She looked tired.  I knew that look well.  It was sheer and utter exhaustion! 

I said “Are you okay?” and she pointed to her foot.  I figured she had hurt it.  Her oldest son looked very worried.  His eyes locked with mine and I saw fear, sadness, and embarrassment – all things I knew well too.

I took my son out of his stroller and rushed into my front door.  The plan was to get my daughter to the loo, grab a drink of water and then rush back to the front door to retrieve the stroller.  I was excited to try on my new shoes with the dress I had just picked up from the tailor.  I sure hoped that the burgers from 2 days ago had burned off in time.

I didn’t plan to engage any more with the lady.  I was smarter than that.  I was not about to open THAT door.

So, bottle of water in hand, baby under one arm and holding my daughter’s hand, I rushed back to the front door.   I was planning to observe my strict no-eye-contact rule and say “Thanks for keeping an eye on my stuff! There are so many weird characters in this city.  Cheers, good luck!” and shut the door.

But, there was no stroller. No lady. No children.

I had to wear an old dress to the wedding.  A dress that had served me well many times over the years.  My shoes were also very comfortable and I wondered if the naughty lady was finding it hard to walk in her new Louboutins with that “sore” foot.   During a boring speech at the wedding, they cropped into my thoughts again and this time I was wondering if she had briefed her son before the transaction, or whether she had just given him the assignment on the spot.    

I will never forget his eyes.  I will also never forget those red soled shoes.


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Shoe Fits


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