Less Distraction, More Focus please

When last did YOU try something new?

I did today.

I made a sandwich.

Yes, four little pieces of humble brown bread inspired me to be a better human being.    

The scene was set.  I wiped the kitchen counter. I took two slices of bread. I laid them side by side on the table.

I lined up the butter and jam. Yes, actually lined them up instead of sticking the knife directly into the fridge. 

I wiped the knife before I proceeded to slowwwwwwly butter the bread.

Then, I tasted the apricot jam.  I paused 2 seconds to let it sink in.

This was 6am.  I was not tired or intoxicated.  I had just had two cups of coffee.  I was fresh and life was looking good.

It was 1 minute later and I was still doing just ONE thing.  I was making a sandwich.

I lathered the lumpy, orange stuff on to the centre of the bread and sealed it.


If this was any other day, I would already have checked my phone while popping my other hand on the kettle , screamed my son’s name, stuck my hand out of the window to feel the weather, plotted my strategy to tackle my daughter’s hair and grabbed the chicken out of the freezer to defrost for dinner. 

But no, this was Monday and it was different.  It was 3 minutes later and I was still doing just ONE thing.  The same ONE thing!

I cut all the crusts off the bread.  Then, I grabbed a second knife.  I know, another first!  A second knife.  I used it to criss cross the bread, outlining where I would make the incisions. Then, I performed the surgery, creating four perfectly equal triangles.

I proudly popped those into a lunch box. Then, I took 2 more seconds to search for a matching lid. God knows, this is another honest first.  Who does these things?  Matching tops and bottoms are sooooo 1980 anyway.

Only once the little box was safely tucked into a mini backpack, did I remember that I needed more coffee.  I also remembered that I had a report to submit before 8am, I heard the tumble drier buzz, I remembered that my son was too quiet, that I hadn’t booked a cleaner, that my dry cleaning had been at the store for 2 months and that I needed to cancel my hair appointment. 

But that 7 minutes was magic.  It was exactly what I had ordered in my affirmation last week.  I remember writing “I am grateful for less distraction, more focus”.

Et voilà!  It manifested.  7 whole minutes of pure bliss.

I am not sure how many more 7 minute trances I can go into for the rest of the week, but what I DO know is that the intention remains in force. 

Aluta continua my friends.  The road is long (for me).

Allow me to wish you less distraction, more focus for the week ahead.

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