Same Movie, Different Set

We sat in a circle. The people were taking it in turns to introduce themselves.

The lady next to me related a story about being hijacked at gunpoint, losing her husband to a younger tart and her fear of heights.  A grey man with a huge moustache said that he was having a hard time with a power hungry son.

The workshop facilitator nodded.

I felt like I was on a movie set.

It was my turn next. I felt like I had to say something deep and meaningful. Something that would gain the trust of the fellow enlightened people in the room.

But, my brain wasn’t fast enough with the creative stuff.  So, I went with the truth. 

I said that I wanted to learn the art of vulnerability and intimacy.  I also wanted to learn to “be myself” and meet people who were “real”. 

That Louise Hay workshop was in Johannesburg 15 years ago.  And, as life would have it, I got to relive the scene from that weird movie set again last week. Only this time, the movie was set in Amsterdam. 


I was the one listening to the 20 year old girl this time.  She said “People are so fake! You never know who is who anymore”.  She was just a waitress on her lunch break.  I was just a mom who had 20 minutes to spare before my school run.

I wanted to tell her what I wish someone had told me at that workshop 15 years ago.   I wanted to say:  “There are many beautiful people out there. The sooner you drop your mask, the sooner they’ll drop theirs. That’s the only way you are going to connect authentically, intimately, magically”.

But I heard the school bell ring and I used that as my cue to run.

I do hope we meet again.  I don’t think my heart will rest until I touch hers.

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One thought on “Same Movie, Different Set

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