I Believe in observing local custom

I believe in observing local custom


I believe my jeans don’t fit because I eat too much.  I believe in eating too much


I believe in smoked salmon, fresh salmon, shellfish and other squiggly beings drenched in lemon butter


I believe in a black suit


I believe in hedging my bets


I believe that heart break is physically painful


I believe that frenemies have their place


I believe that emotional intelligence is under rated


I believe in the power of names. I believe that South Africa is crying for a name


I believe that I write from my heart


I believe that my heart can touch other hearts


I believe that the group decision making is for wimps


I believe in karaoke


I believe in walking away from dead chemistry


I believe that the difference between expats and immigrants is yet to be clarified


I believe in wedding ceremonies, baby dedications, barmitzvahs and other rites of passage


I believe in public displays of affection


I believe that sometimes the heart gets it wrong

2013-04-25 10.42.51


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