I believe in the women that have gone before me

I believe in the women that have gone before me.

I believe in proper spelling and full sentences.

I believe in using punctuation.

I believe in kaftans, turbans, doeks and head wraps.

I believe in bookclub. I believe that bookclub should be 10% about books.

I believe in space cleansing.

I believe that each time my ego has driven my decision, I have not made the right call.

I believe in emojis.

I believe in making lists.

I believe in scheduling.

I believe in chance meetings.

I believe that I don’t need to explain myself to morons.

I believe that not everyone gets my drift and that that’s okay.

I believe in my essence.

I believe in eating the topping off pizza, the caramel off Twix and the leaving the merinque on the side of the plate after devouring the lemon tart.

I believe that chivalry is not dead.

I believe that where attention goes, energy flows.

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