Fighting is sooooo last season

A man walked up to me in a crowd. He pretended to sneeze and grabbed my handbag.  Then, he pointed to his lips and said “Shhhh”.

Two seconds passed. Then, I made a decision.

I had to push past a few people before I could get to him.

I looked him square in the eye, and said “THAT is mine!”

Then I grabbed the Chanel clutch and walked away.

Please hold the applause!


What I did was by no means brave or clever or fearless.  I was in a rough part of town and what I did was plain stupid!  Stupid and VERY out of character for me.  I was blinded by impulse and motivated by the fear of losing my passport and favourite lipstick.  

My friend returned from the bathroom and I said nothing to her.  I was shaken but I said absolutely nothing. I just filed the experience and we went on to “enjoy” our tour of the new city we were visiting.

This week I thought about that experience again.  It has been at least 5 years since it happened.  But, sure enough – the file with the documented experience landed on my mental desk and I now I have to deal with it!  I have decided to face my fears instead of fighting them because let’s face it, fighting is soooooo last season.

So, while I spend the next few days facing my fears, allow me to wish you honesty and bravery as you face yours. 

Aluta continua, friends. The road is long (for me).

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