The Girl Had a Dream

The girl had a dream.    But, her dream didn’t fit her current state of mind.  It was also kind of crazy and she had to be focussed and mature about planning for her future.    She also had to plan for her children’s futures. Her children were her biggest pride!  She was actively raising three beautiful beings in a fast paced city with a husband who had found his passion as a Minister.  She loved the way his eyes lit up when he talked about his “calling”. Her boss called her into his office one morning “Listen dear, this is not good news”.  He told her a long story.  The bottom line was that she was being sacked.  He was losing his job too, but she doubted that their payouts were comparable. She panicked. That’s when the dream called her name again.

2013-05-23 19.18.28

She was a successful corporate lawyer but her recent delve into the world of photography sparked something in her soul.  Watching the world through the lens allowed her to see things from a different perspective.  She liked that.  She also liked the reaction when people saw her work. She wondered if this new “feeling” could translate into other areas of her life.  She also wondered if fulfilling her childhood DREAM would give her a similar high? The girl decided to do the mature thing.  She took out her little black book and prospected for another corporate job.  She figured that she could always revisit her dream again “when the time is right”. The girl with the dream called me yesterday. She said that she was waiting for feedback from 3 great interviews, one in New York.  She was beginning to doubt herself, her abilities, her very core.   Her confidence was shaky.  She asked me how I deal with the FEAR of not being good enough. I told her it was simple.  I figure that if I fail, I can always go back to my bathroom mirror and remember where I wrote the name of my dream! She said “Great idea! I think I’ll try it sometime”.    I reckon that dream is going to make more and more noise in the coming days. 

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