Dear Heart



I did something strange this morning.  Yes, again.

But, this time I took it a bit further than usual.

I was on my way to a beautiful ancient church in a courtyard in the city.  My plan was to light a candle, to mark the start of Lent.  I didn’t want to go to a mass, I just wanted to light a candle.

On my way there, I met a woman.  Yes, another woman.  (It seems to be a theme, right?)

She told me that she liked my “youthful excitement” and guessed that I still had “a lot to learn about life”.  She was a cynic.  And God knows, I avoid them like the plague!  But, this one was stitting next to me and the 4 minute train journey seemed like 11 hours.

It turns out that life hasn’t been kind to her.  She has a mountain of debt, her husband cheated on her, her children are siding with their father, her job is crap, cat died, geyser burst and her appearance shows it all!

So, guess what I did?  I asked for her email address.  I told her that I wanted her to write a letter.  A letter to her heart.

We parted ways.

She looked at me in a strange way.

I liked that.


So, here is the note I suggested that she writes to her heart:  #truestory

Dear Heart

We need to have a talk.

The issue is sensitive. As sensitive as it gets. Because, let’s face it, no one likes criticism.

You’ve changed.

Yes, you are still great at pumping blood.  You’re still pretty good at your compass function too.  But, something is different. You seem to be, ummm….how do I put it?  Harder.

You seem harder. Yes, harder.

Things that used to make you melt, seem to go un-noticed.

Yes, it’s true!  Look at yesterday.  We walked to the beach.  The waves dancing. The sun was setting a beautiful orange, just the way you like it. A pair of lovers strolled by.  A mother was nursing her baby.  A granddad was playing frisbee with his son. 

Why didn’t you melt?  Why didn’t you crumble?  I mean, you didn’t even skip a beat! 

So yes, we need to have a talk…”


Do YOU do strange things sometimes?  Or do you just dream of doing strange things?

One thought on “Dear Heart

  1. wow Thanks so much!!! I don’t know how should i say this in words but it is so nice what you have said to her.. Just loved it. Wished there is such kindness still left in this world 🙂

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