Rejection is NOT Fatal

Many years ago I met a new woman.

I was immediately drawn to her.  I liked her presence.  She walked into a room and you knew she was there.  

Unfortunately the feeling was not mutual.  Regrettably, the woman with presence dismissed mine.  More than once.

I didn’t feel good about it. 

And no, I could not “just move on” or “just ignore her”.

I was drawn to her light.  This fact remained. 

Now anyone who has ever been rejected would know.  It’s an addictive drug.  Once you’ve had a hit, you don’t just STOP. No way Jose!  You get hooked. You need to go back.

So, back I went. 

Now, the first few times her rejections were subtle.  This time, she went big!  She arranged an office party for 6pm and did not invite me.  She was kind enough to tell me her sweet reasons.  She knew that I would need to use a bus.  And gosh, those buses really “don’t wait for anyone”! “But listen” she said “You won’t miss anything.  You’ll be fine!”

She was right.  Those buses did not wait for anyone.  Certainly not when you walk slowly because you are blinded by tears.

The bus left me that day.

But, what girl with presence was not right about was, I was not “fine”. 

I was not fine but those tears broke the spell of addiction. I was no longer the same girl.

Once the tears were over, I thought to myself “What a bitch!”.  That release was beautiful!

I arrived at the office the next day and her light had dimmed.

I was over her.  I was over her silver Mercedes too.  It suddenly didn’t look as shiny as I had always thought.

It has been many years now, and I remain sober. Sober with beautiful stories to tell. 

So, I say THANK YOU. Thanks for the material, Girl with Presence.

Who do YOU want to thank today?


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