What does YOUR heart yearn for?

“All my life my HEART has yearned for a thing I cannot name”  Andre Breton

What does your heart yearn for?

Does it settle for less than it knows it deserves?

There are moments when my heart plays games with me.  Usually, I am able to recognise those games. I have played them before. I know the rules.

Sometimes I play.  I indulge. I concede. I allow.

Other times, I develop an injury. It puts me out of action.  I can’t play even if I wanted to!

Then, there are other times when my heart means business.  In those moments there are no games.

It is usually early morning.  The ego is taking a rest. And, it is in those moments when I really listen.  I listen to my own heart and the story it wants to tell, has a common theme.

A yearning.

A yearning I am yet to understand.  A yearning for which words have not yet been invented.

My heart yearns for no more yearning.

What does YOUR heart yearn for?



2 thoughts on “What does YOUR heart yearn for?

  1. I would really like to give you some feedback on “What does YOUR heart yearn for?” and its impact, hope you don’t mind!!! So I skimmed through the blog on Friday, and I avoided it this weekend because I am channeling my own heart dialogue. After my morning walk, I got back and decided it is time, and it was time.

    So what I have been feeling and experiencing is something I am calling evolution! And you “What does YOUR HEART yearn for?” – sheds light on my mass confusion.
    I think and feel and think deeply (probably not more than most, but I am so sensitive the world and my world – which is probably as it should be) but at the same time I have discovered
    this week that I can be fickle, heartless and unashamedly conceited and arrogant (I have probably known this all my life, just haven’t acknowledged it).
    And yet my heart is pulling me away from these traits and clearly my heart is YEARNING for something that my EGO and ARROGANCE will not allow it to explore.

    I believe in fate and people that open the doors to light! You one of those people.
    Your blog is food for the soul! Awesome and well done, a great read to look forward to…#stillfiguringoutwhatmyheartisyearningfor#baffled

    1. Robin,

      My heart has received your communication. Thank you!

      Thank you for the feedback. Thank you for sharing your story.

      The level of self awareness you show melts my heart. I wish you love on your evolutionary journey.

      Those things you think are your weaknesses, to me, are your very strengths. Allow them to show themselves more and more.

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